Hello, I’m Joe Stallings, a creative and innovative individual with a diverse set of skills that include game development, creative writing, audio design, AI, coding, and anything else I can immerse myself in! I’ve had the privilege of founding and co-founding multiple companies, including a digital agency and an asset management firm. I’ve also worked in the gaming industry with both AAA companies and indie developers. Currently, I serve as an instructor for GameU’s Accelerate program, where I get to share my passions with eager learners of all abilities. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Tech and live in the beautiful beach town of Vero Beach, FL.

You can see some of my gaming projects on Itch.io, and my original music is available on Spotify and most other major streaming services. Be sure to check out my Discord server and consider joining our community. You’ll meet a lot of interesting creatives with various levels of skill and experience.

If you would like to connect with me directly, please feel free to shoot an email to play@quadraticgames.com. Thanks for stopping by!