Cat-Earth Society!

Cat-Earth Society (CES) is an award-winning submission to the 2019 Epic MegaJam. CES won the TINY AWARD for the best game that came in under 100MB. The original 5-member development team is expanding on CES and working towards a future commercial release! Be sure to join our Discord server for the latest updates on the game. If you haven’t seen or played Cat-Earth Society, check out the content below.

About the Game

A mysterious entity appeared above Earth years ago. After finding out the planet was populated by space cats we built a space elevator directly connecting both planets to start trading with the cats. Today is your first day on the job and you botched your first delivery to the cat planet! After a rough landing your elevator is severely damaged. Do deliveries, make repairs, buy upgrades, and try your darnedest to get back “down to earth”!

Download & Play

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Gameplay Trailer