First-Person Walking Controls for Oculus Rift

With the help of several invaluable tutorials and resources, I am pleased to offer a fully-functional Unreal Engine project with VR controls allowing the user to fully move about a VR 3D space using Oculus Touch controllers.

The default Unreal Engine VR template provides the ability to teleport to locations, but our project provides a control scheme similar to a gamepad. Players can walk forward and backwards, and strafe left and right, using (in this case) the Oculus Touch left thumbstick.

The right thumbstick provides 360 degree rotation. Pressing A on the right touch controller will make the player jump. There is also a headset mesh in the scene which you can pick up and inspect with the right controller.

The project can probably be modified to support other VR systems (and most features will work out of the box), but I’ve specifically tuned this for the Oculus Rift S, since that is what I use in development. Please note that this project is provided as-is.

Download: Unreal Engine VR Controls for Oculus Rift