Game Sequel Concept Activity – KISS Rise of the Avatars

KISS: Rise of the Avatars

Embark on a thrilling journey in KISS: Rise of the Avatars, the electrifying sequel to the acclaimed KISS: Psycho Circus – The Nightmare Child. This action-packed first-person shooter immerses players in a world where the legendary KISS avatars reign supreme, and the malevolent Nightmare Child returns to wreak havoc.

After the events of KISS: Psycho Circus – The Nightmare Child, peace seems to have returned to the universe. However, deep in the shadows, the Nightmare Child stirs once again, threatening to engulf the world in chaos and darkness. In this dire hour, you step into the shoes of a brave young hero, destined to unlock the mythical powers of the KISS avatars: The Demon, The Starbearer, The Beast King, and The Celestial.

As you delve deeper into this fantastical world, you will traverse through enchanting and treacherous realms, each tied to the essence of the KISS avatars. Your journey will lead you to unearth the legendary powers and abilities of these icons. Harness the fiery might of The Demon, the cosmic energy of The Starbearer, the ferocious strength of The Beast King, and the celestial magic of The Celestial. Each avatar unlocks unique gameplay abilities, allowing you to adapt your strategy and combat style to different challenges and enemies.

The game features an expansive story, rich with lore and twists, where your choices influence the world around you. Engage in epic battles against the minions of the Nightmare Child and confront formidable bosses that test your mastery of the KISS avatars’ powers.

Get ready to rock and roll all night and save the universe every day!