Hello DALL·E!

DALL·E 2 is an artificial intelligence (AI) art platform created by Open AI, designed to turn natural language into realistic images and art. This AI platform can generate images from text descriptions in just seconds, allowing users to create stunning, unique – and sometimes outright creepy – visuals for their projects.

Using DALL·E 2 is simple. All you need to do is type a description of what you want into the text box, and click “generate.” The AI will then create a number of images. You can refine your search by using more specific terms (describing specific lighting conditions, instructing it to use a specific medium (paint, watercolor, pencil) or to mimic a certain genre or artist’s style, and on. The possibilities with DALL·E 2 are quite literally endless. Moreover, you can even create variations of the art that the AI creates for you (note the variations of my query show me a Batman photo from the 1960s below).

The gallery below shows some of the more interesting artwork the AI has generated for me in recent days. These images are all displayed exactly as they were generated by the AI with no post-editing. Enjoy!

Christmas on the Moon

Richard Nixon

1960s Batman #1

Many-Worlds Interpretation


Scary AI

Andy Warhol Imagines The Grinch

Life After Death

Victorian Star Wars

Little Buddha in Times Square

1960s Batman #2

Bowl of Fruit

Hulk by Jackson Pollack

Homer Simpson #1

Lennon’s Glass Onion

Lara Croft by Van Gogh


Rauschenberg Painting

Homer Simpson #2

1960s Batman #3

Jimmy Carter