J.P. Winkle’s Jungle Hunt!

Just released a new game for a game jam (although, it didn’t make the submission list, long story…). The name of the game is J.P. Winkle’s Jungle Hunt! and it is a 3D walking simulation / treasure hunt built in Unreal Engine. The jam was one-week long, although this game came together in about four days. This was my first collaboration with my son John Stallings, who did the voiceover work. The theme of the game jam was “discovery.”

I always like to challenge myself in specific areas during game jams. What I wanted to do here was focus on firing off audio based on game conditions, building a simple quest system, and also Fridai implementation (which unfortunately I did get to do as they had some technical issues during the jam).

About the Game

Welcome to J.P. Winkle’s Jungle Hunt! You’ve been the lucky individual selected out of tens of thousands of people to participate in this rip-roaring funfest! $100,000 is all yours if you can find the unique eight items scattered throughout this small tropical forest. Speaking of the number eight, you have just eight hours to find all of the items and win your prize.

The eight items you need to find are:

  1. A wooden toy zebra
  2. A small pile of gemstones
  3. An antique candle holder
  4. A watermelon
  5. A large plastic bag
  6. A replica Roman statue
  7. An orange traffic cone
  8. An old military trunk
  9. And finally, a gas container.