Machina Vol. II: Industrie Available on Spotify, iTunes

Industrie is the second entry in my Machina series and is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Machina is an on-going musical exploration project where my “co-collaborators” in the studio are artificial intelligence (AI) agents assisting me in both music composition and production engineering. Scroll to the bottom of this page if you would like to listen now.

The first entry in the Machina series, Dawn, focused exclusively on well-formed piano sonatas using a modeled Bösendorfer 290 piano. The latest entry, Industrie, finds me and my AI companions delving into electronic music and ambient soundscapes utilizing mostly vintage synthesizers and drum machines (the primary emulated synthesizers used on this album are the Oberheim SEM, ARP 2600, Yamaha CS-80, Minimoog, and Moog Modular).

Some interesting facts about this album:

  • There are no audio loops used in any of the songs. Every note in every song is original.
  • All of the “guitar” parts were performed using keyboards and synthesizers.
  • All of the mastering was done by AI.
  • Many of the synth patches on these songs were created from scratch.

Studio Setup

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Keyboard Controllers

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

Audio Interfaces


Listen to Industrie

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