Quick Review: Ultimate Icon Generator

Ultimate Icon Generator is a clever little tool that I used to create some high quality icons for a project I’m working on. You open the ‘map’ and drag in any static mesh (or several meshes). You can resize, rotate, etc. the mesh. Clicking Export will create a 1024×1024 texture that is perfect for inventory icons and such. Projection can either be perspective or orthographic, and the background can be transparent or colored.

At the bottom of the image above, you can see some of the textures I’ve created. At just $11.99, this tool is well worth it.


  • Batch generate icons for all your static meshes.
  • Camera projection options
  • Mesh Transform and Rotation Options
  • Generates ready to use or export textures
  • Select from transparent background or a solid background that you can change the color of interactively
  • Replace the materials of the mesh with a solid color for more control over your icons.