TeamTorch – Your Friendly Neighborhood HR Helper

In my post Building Your Own Custom GPT, I reviewed the evolution and democratization of building custom Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs), highlighting the significant shift in AI from a specialized domain to one accessible to all, irrespective of coding skills. I also mentioned the (then) upcoming 24-hour CustomGPT hackathon sponsored by

TeamTorch is the brainchild of my efforts during a 24-hour hackathon hosted by LabLab. This innovative prototype application serves as a valuable human resources assistant for both existing employees and incoming hires alike for small to medium sized companies. With its friendly AI interface, employees can engage in conversations to access comprehensive human resources information and company policies effortlessly. Furthermore, TeamTorch features an interactive quiz designed to evaluate new hires’ comprehension of the company’s mission, policies, and the various benefits and perks it offers.

TeamTorch Overview Video

The goal of TeamTorch is to be a tremendous asset not only to all employees but especially to HR teams. By automating responses to common queries about pay dates, company policies, and time off, it allows HR professionals to redirect their focus towards more strategic and value-added endeavors, which is the power and value prop of AI currently.

This means they can spend more time on talent development, employee engagement initiatives, performance reviews, and crafting policies that enhance the workplace environment. With the routine stuff off their plates, HR can truly step up their game in areas that directly impact the company’s growth and employee satisfaction.

I hope you will check it out!