Unreal Engine Asset Review: Modular Synth UI Pro

Modular Synth UI Pro for Unreal Engine is something I’ve been waiting for someone to tackle for a few years now. It really shows off the capabilities of Unreal Engine’s Modular Synth with an interface that is infinitely more musician-friendly than tweaking inspector panels and blueprints is.

Having a modern synth inside of the game engine with access to all of the parameters at runtime is incredibly powerful. It won’t be long before we have gorgeous, true procedurally-generated music and soundscapes that can respond to events in the game.

Now, this isn’t going to sound like a professional sound synth like you would find at Arturia or Native Instruments (which is no fault of this asset, but rather a limitation of Unreal Engine’s modular synth). However, you can tweak it just enough to get some decent sounding patches. Here is an overview video from the developer:

As someone who loves both pro audio and game development, this asset was a no-brainer for me. The developer also added support for external MIDI keyboards, which was a nice bonus and it works flawlessly. The asset also includes a traditional sixteen-step sequencer.

I’ll really be looking forward to the evolution of Modular Synth UI Pro. I think Unreal Engine is just now starting to scratch the surface with regards to MIDI.

Link: Modular Synth UI Pro