White North: Crafting & Surviving in Unreal Engine

I’ve been working on a crafting and survival game for the past few weeks, with the working title of “White North.” I’ll probably set it aside for now, but it’s been another great learning experience in Unreal Engine. The working game uses a lot of the fantastic frameworks sold by Defuse Studios on the Unreal Marketplace.

Here is what I’ve got working:

  • Day/night cycle
  • Weather (well…it snows all of the time)
  • A nice little workflow to get Quixel models into the game using Quixel Bridge
  • Rustic UI (still needs a lot of work)
  • Harvestable foilage resources (trees, bushes, etc.) with randomized yields and ‘rare’ drops
  • Crafting and recipes
  • Building (houses, storage containers, props)
  • Campfire system
  • Flashlight
  • A few roaming animals (deer, foxes, bears, birds, fish)
  • Health/hunger/thirst
  • Post-process LUT to give it a nice ‘cold’ look (game takes place in somewhere like Alaska)
  • Tons of UI sfx

Please have a look at the video below. Note that in this clip, the start time is 8:00 p.m. in the game, which is why it is a little dark.